Once I remember,
I had been to a place,
Where everything,
Seemed strange and still.
A big house stood front of me,
Where the door was dusty and ancient,
The Moon which has flashed its light,
Has fallen on the door.

I realised it is a Moonlit door,
Where the light expanded and covered,
I smote on the door,
Which rippled the light.
I could see a shadow,
When the wind passed by,
It rippled the light,
When a rat swooped past me with its red gleaming eyes.

I sprang up to see a shadow,
Which looked like a mouth,
But realised,
It is a tight.
It was a leaf I remember,
When the door banged open.

A lot of phantoms,
Passed through me.
I thought it had possessed me,
But in rage it didn’t,
When I ran towards home.

Author Bio:

Aksaay Roy is a student of Class VI in St Michael’s School, Siliguri.

He likes to read, play video games and is always curious about outer space.

He lives with his parents and grandparents.

Featured image: Cherry on a Moonlit Night (1932) by Ohara Koson

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