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The Association for Children’s Literature in South Asia or ACLiSA is a collective, aimed at creating a community for Children’s Literature researchers from South Asia, in South Asia.


18 Mar

Play and Playthings in South Asian Children's Literature : A two-Day Symposium

  • 9:00 am
  • Zoom and YouTube livestream

This 2 day symposium will bring together papers on the the iterations, manifestations, evocations of play in South Asian children’s literature. Children’s literature and material cultures of childhood have always enjoyed a long-standing relationship. Playing, with its various aesthetic, pedagogic, material and cultural meanings, constitutes an important element of South Asian children’s book cultures. This symposium asks the following questions: How does the book as a plaything interact with the pedagogical discourse of colonialism? How do postcolonial children’s books view folk games versus imperial games/sports? How do games and sports in indigenous children’s books negotiate with existing and changing patterns of gender, caste and class? What types of linguistic play and innovations emerge in children’s books as a part of processes of decolonization? What does play mean for marginalized bodies in South Asia, and how does it embody violence? Register by March 15th to attend this event : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/play-and-playthings-in-south-asian-childrens-literature-a-2-day-symposium-tickets-556673303837?fbclid=IwAR2zSwpQPZusgVengaOiGsdofT_QcUvjdOO4AHsGIXltBPsZ01l-JsGzFPo

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