Uncle Lala, wherever he goes,

Goes with a cup full of tea,

Green tea, yellow tea, black tea,

If you give him green tea,

He checks it for paint,

And if he sees any, he screams,

“Bajri! Bajri”!

He’s chasing me, he pins me down,

In front of me is a moustachioed frown.

I am innocent, I smile and say,

I think I’ll be able to get away today.

But when Lala comes closer,

Bajri, picks up whatever hard and tight,

Throws and screams at Lala with all his might.

As Lala turns back an angry gaze,

Bajri flees and hides his face,

Running to the kitchen he opens the drawer,

And brews the yellow tea as Lala comes near,

The aroma spreads and the air is all ‘tea’,

Lala starts to sip and smile back in glee.

Author Bio:

Aksaay Roy is a student of Class VI in St Michael’s School, Siliguri.

He likes to read, play video games and is always curious about outer space.

He lives with his parents and grandparents.

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