Stories that Changed my Destiny

I belong to the second generation of my family born in the post-independence era. Most of the people in my family did not get the chance to complete their education due to lack of exposure and financial crisis. But, I came to the city from my ancestral village for my studies. I got admission in…

Periodicals in South Asian Children’s Literature

What are those periodicals you read growing up in India? What are those periodicals from your part of the country that we hardly know about? How did these periodicals shape your childhood and adulthood? Write to us!

Itihashe Hatekhori: Deshbhag ( An Initiation to History: Partition )

Writer: Anwesha Sengupta Illustration: Ranjit Chitrakar, Sirajuddaulah Chitrakar Date of Publication: September 2022, Kolkata  Review by Anurima Chanda Itihashe Hatekhori: Deshbhag (An Initiation to History: Partition), which runs to 58-pages from cover-to-cover, opens with the map of India-Pakistan etched on the lines of the map that was published in the Guardian on 15th August, 1947.…

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